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  • Integrated system for real estate marketing

    The real estate marketing and customer accounts is a system that links locations , units, customers, and achievement in a single integrated system, which eliminates duplication of data recording, and would also ensure there are No errors in the migration data where it is  recorded only one-time from its sources.

    The System achieve a wide range of outputs, including traditional such as bookings, contracts, payments bookings and customer data, also including arithmetic, such as various diaries, as well as the clarity, such as instant data for centers (location, buildings, houses, apartments, lands, shops, etc. ......) collected and analytical, and also the positions of sales, as well as statistical analysis, both qualitative or sectorally.

    System provides analytical and total records for customers; the System provides analytical and total records for customers, from Centers customers, reviews balances, statements account, and different statistical data for sales analysis, also collection is accounted analysis or in a different levels.

    And also follow the notes receivable and collected and also follow up delegate’s activities and their productivity, and According to the comparative data gives analysis required. In Add to it is automatically linked with the public accounts system.

    profitability and liquidity are the suites of any successful business, the maintaining high rates and acceptable to them is one of the keys to achieving success, if there is no effective follow up to the debts of the company with customers and follow up the collection seriously, etc, thus the company will not be able to maintain highly liquidity , thus will be negative impact on their activities.
    system provides oversee accurate and complete to the contracts and collections, also analyze debt ages and provides instant data for the financial inflows Received and expected, also give  the indications of customers seriousness and their levels, also allows analysis of activities of sales at many levels and different, such as method of advertising, the units, the type of customer, sales, .. ... Etc

  • ü The system creates checks and bills Astellam checks and cash also automatically generates accounting entries for sales and collections in the system of public accounts automatically.
    ü determine fines and multiple segments of fines with the possibility of infringement of or reduce the fines in the presence of the powers of the user and career progression.
    ü The system logs and follow-up units and additions to any amendment Oomsahp Ochtaib requested by the client and the seizure of the unit.
    ü immediate follow-up of the balances of the units sold during the permitted daily sales and all the branches at the time.
    ü The system of contracts and the possibility of converting the units possession from one person to another while retaining the two statements.
    ü system also produces a large number of reports and analytical total for all system data
  • Some features of the real estate marketing system and customer accounts:

  • System keeps the data and graphics units project.
  • Plurality lists selling prices, plurality segments opponent.
  • Once registered movement of the unit. System modified status of the unit from available to reserved to sold with clarify different graphics and colors for each case separately.
  • When write the customer data the Unit will be reserved in a various situations (be paid of booking or part of it no payment).
  • When contracting - system will keep personal customer data and making connection between contracted unit and customer data and financial movements with follow up their accounts in different currencies.
  • The system allows amendment of the Agreement prior to booking and contracting or after, reducing the amount of the unit or increase or change methods of payment or payments, as are generated payments by the final agreement and compare prices with the prices agreed in the list of the unit.
  •  System will follow up and update the balances of each client


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