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  • This works of artistic groups together in order to be able to implement various projects efficiently as integrate those competencies diverse and form one team can do a lot of different services, eg provision of expertise specialized consulting, development and test systems, training of personnel at different levels and manage projects from inception until delivered with provide technical support and service after sales service in style.
    Through our experiences and to cooperate fully with our customers and our full understanding of their needs may be we have delivered a wide range of systems for a wide range of discerning customers who are now working smoothly.

  •    Hot Company should provide i.e range of basic services to its clients, which enable them to perform their work and serve our customers professionally distinct optimal. These services are summarized as follows:
    Specialized programs that meet all the needs of business and industrial establishments and services by means of a stronger system for the development of the business operating at the highest and most powerful global databases, a system integrated which works on databases (SQL Server), which designed and implemented by the company Office Soft information systems office at the hands of powerful consultants and has customers partners success since the 22-year-infringing 3000 customers inside and outside Egypt, as the department of technical support to provide the strongest support for the client over time because the system is working on (web Based), and this was one of the reasons that contributed to the enjoyment of our high rate of success of the systems and is available Set direct technical support dedicated to customer service and overcome all the obstacles at the start of operation and work closely with operators so that equip them with the necessary expertise to rely on themselves and their burdens of implementation of the system to the fullest.

    And ask God to guide us to the goodness and righteousness and you very much ...

  • Our Latest News The company operates as a specialized unit through highest levels of specialist’s qualified group each in their specialization respective.